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Bavani's Kitchen

For those who know Bavani Srikant, her source of inspiration and energy should not be a surprise. True, it comes from the vibrant Indian classical Carnatic music, the Black forest, family's encouragement and above all parents blessings. Cooking fresh vegetarian food, south Indian in particular, has always been her passion. The dishes that the region offers and the variations across the peninsula have always fascinated her.

Well known to Indian circles in Germany from Munich, Ulm, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Erlangen, Nürnberg, Frankfurt, Köln/Bonn now in Düsseldorf, Bavani has been chasing her passion, cooking for large groups since 1998. Dusseldorf has now provided her with the right platform to express pursue this passion further through Bhojans.


Talking of large groups, catering to medium sized birthday parties to full fledged housewarming or baby-showers have often been churned out of Bavani's own little kitchen. Students gatherings always have a special and warm corner in her heart.


Social get-togethers like new-year celebrations, Diwali, Pongal etc., have not only seen the versatile side of Bavani but also carried the lingering taste of her kitchen to the multitudes.